Businesses Turn To UV Light To Stop The Spread Of Covid-19

With coronavirus lockdowns slowly being lifted nationwide, local businesses ranging from salons, clinics, and health & wellness centers are looking for new ways to avoid exposing their clients and staff to the virus. Companies in the Philippines are shifting their focus and are now using an innovative way to fight off the spread of COVID-19 with none other than invisible, ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet, or UV, light for sanitation is far from a new concept, but as businesses reopen their doors in the wake of the pandemic, the technique has advanced and spread out from the hospitality to the beauty industry.

In addition to small and medium enterprises, independent make-up artists have stepped up with their preventive measures by embracing their new clean living practices even more with UV sterilizers. Celebrity Makeup Artist, Albert Kurniawan pointed out the importance of sanitizing his beauty tools without having to use chemical sprays which can further damage and contaminate the makeup products.

One of the most popular UV sterilizer equipment is Korea's UPANG PLUS+ 3D DUAL UV STERILIZER. It's a device designed to kill the virus by flashing intense, germ-killing powerful, ultraviolet lights at the touch of a button. Designed with aesthetic-usability in mind, UPANG PLUS+ 3D DUAL UV STERILIZER does not only look aesthetically pleasing but it also uses a combination of infrared & PTC heater for maximum drying power. It dries at 40C, the optimum temperature for drying—guarantees no overheating, plastic deformation, or leaching.


It is also equipped with rotating Dual Philips UV Lights—ensuring it reaches all surfaces with zero dead spots inside the unit. For most, UPANG PLUS+ 3D DUAL UV STERILIZER is a great tool not just because of its effectivity but also its efficiency to work at the speed of light.